Social Media – it’s the most visible tool you have

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Even for businesses with small marketing budgets, social media should be the tool you invest in the most.  It is an essential, one of the most effective and yet one of the most cost effective advertising that you can invest in.  It is essential that you have a great social media presence that fully represents your brand look, feel and personality.

Implemented correctly, social media is a really important part of not only your marketing strategy but your whole sales funnel.  Social media is essential in this digital age to not only assist with loyalty from your current customer base, but also to attract new customer and identify yourself as different from your competitors.

The ease of gaining more potential customers has never been more reachable.  Your social media content requires the same thought process of any other form of marketing (e.g. collateral, livery etc).   Your brand and products will become even more visible to your current and potential customers.

Every post that you make increases the opportunity for customers to learn more about you, engage with you, visit your website and potentially purchase your products or services.

Having a regular (I would recommend 2 or 3 posts per week per channel) presence on social media channels also supports the SEO for your website which in turn works with the algorithms for success on search engine sites like Google.

Hiring someone like We Need To Talk Marketing allows you to focus on what you are best at, and leave your social media in our capable hands.  We understand your desires and your market, keep up to date with marketing trends and work with you to increase your reach. 

We have developed social media channels from scratch and also worked with businesses who have underperforming current social media channels to shape them into a confident extension of your brand.

We Need To Talk Marketing can easily become your social media specialist and remote member of your marketing team.

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