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Launching today on Twitter you can send an audio tweet message.

Who can use these audio tweets?

This is currently only working on iOS with no details about the Android version just yet.  It will start with a select number of Twitter users but will be rolled out the all iOS users in the next few weeks.

Twitter love the number 140 ...

First twitter was a 140 character limit and then we all rejoiced when we could use up to 280.  But according to Twitter’s Blog Post,“sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough’ and now they are allowing audio clips of up to 140 seconds. 

How do you audio Tweet?

To use this function you open up Twitter the same as usual going to the Tweet composer function.  There will be a new icon with wavelengths where you will see your profile photo with the record button at the bottom.  If you have more to say just keep talking, Twitter automatically starts another voice tweet to create a thread.

Have fun Twitter fans.

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