Twitter Strategy – who are you tweeting to?

Everyone can send a tweet, right? We all know how to do it. But do you know how to do it well?

Unless you are actively trying to retain your existing clients and win potential new clients what is the point? As part of your wider social media strategy you should consider each platform, its followers and your tone on each platform. Twitter can provide endless possibilities for brands to easily communicate with the current and future audience. Twitter has 134 million daily active users, you need to grab their attention.

Hashtag Strategy

A big part of this is your hashtag strategy.  Take the time to see what is trending, to increase your exposure, but only use trending hashtags if they are really relevant to your content, business or audience.  Your hashtag strategy will highlight the searches people make that are most likely to lead to your business.  With a limited character count on Twitter (280 characters), try to use key #hashtags as part of the sentence.


Schedule engaging tweets on a regular basis. You don’t want to overwhelm followers, so you need to be fully aware of who your audience. As a general rule I recommend to all my clients to post at least 2-3 times per week. Use a scheduling management tool in order to plan your month ahead.

Be Active

As well as ensuring that your page is well populated, be seen to be engaging with other tweets.  The people you engage with may well view your page too and lead to organic growth of followers.

Share Relevant Posts

Instead of simply discussing your products or business, show some personality.   These could be complimentary businesses with products that may appeal to your market.  Events relevant to your industry are a great example of this, as well as training courses.  You can connect with these business too and they may return that connection.  Providing your readers with varied content keeps them entertained and also diversifies your Twitter feed. 


Tweets with images or video are much better received.  When a customer is scrolling through their phone or desktop it is likely to be the image that captures their attention rather than the words.  So, make your image relevant but eye catching.

Promote Your Twitter Page

Be sure to inform people that you have a Twitter page.  Your social channels should be clearly identified on your website, assets and collateral.  Let people know that they can follow you on all your social channels.

Get a professional in

If social media isn’t your strength, please think twice about doing it.  Doing it wrong can be damaging to your business.  It is such a visual tool.  Why not concentrate on your strengths and leave the social media strategy and implementation to an expert.

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