Social media

We work with multiple businesses to develop innovative and dynamic relationships with customers through social media by developing a social media strategy that will create engagement with the right audience for your business or brand.

Social Media Strategy

We are experienced in multiple social media channels.  We work with you to develop an effective social media strategy that will encourage communities of followers, fans and brand advocates. 

Social Media Audit

We will provide an audit of your current channels (if you have them) or set up new channels for you to ensure that you have visibility on those channels most relevant for you.  Our social media audit analyses who your audience are, what they are into and what they respond well to.  We will identify your social presence, your performance and that of your competitors. 

Social Media Management and Implementation

We create and deliver strategic social media campaigns in conjunction with your wider marketing strategy and content plan.

Effective social media needs great buy in from key members of your team.  We Need To Talk Marketing is not involved with the day to day running of your business so if you have a new product, new location, news in general you do need to tell us regularly so that we have lots of fresh new interesting content.

Good social media management means developing and maintaining long lasting relationships with your customer and followers.

Social Media Responses

Customers who use social media to communicate with you (whether it is positive or negative) will expect to get a fast response from you.  We can help you set up automated channels to ensure that they have a bot response immediately.  They will want to feel that the business is taking their comments seriously and without delay.  After all …. We Need To Talk …

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