Marketing your businesses mid Covid-19

How is your business functioning? I have spoken to some that are really struggling, some that are functioning the same and some that have excelled in these difficult times.

The difference is, the ones that are excelling have thought outside of the box, changed their working patterns, changed their offerings (where possible) and made the most of a terrible situation.

How do you let your clients know if you are still working, if you are still able to provide them with a service?

Marketing, that’s how.

I know it’s a shameless plug for what We Need To Talk Marketing does, but ensure that the marketing for your business is busy, whether you use an inhouse marketing team or a consultant.

Your activity is exactly what people need to see right now.  With online shopping and time spent online visibly on the up, now is the perfect time to ensure your website is perfect and performing well.  Spend money on your social media, and on your whole marketing strategy to get you through this period of time and also the months post lockdown.

How will your customers know what you can offer them, if you don’t tell them? Some of your customers may not be working so you may need to find more. How are you going to find them? Marketing!

Marketing is in my bones, that’s true, but it’s never been more important than now.

If you need help with your marketing send me an email.

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