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Yes … it is time consuming, and you really need your blogs to be written in a strategic SEO friendly tone. Is it really worth blogging? The clear answer is yes.

Not only is it a key point of your marketing strategy, but ensuring that there is regularly changing fresh, current, interesting, relevant new content on your website assists in your google rankings – helping you with overall visibility and potential leads.

Boost Brand Awareness

Updated content on your website is a strong indication to Google (and all other search engines) that your website is up to date and active.  Because of this, they will reach out to your website to re-index it, ensuring that your brand received the best brand boost possible. 

Social Media

Ensure that the blog content on your website is worthy of sharing on social media networks.  This will help expose your blog and your business to a brand-new audience and reinforce to your current audience that you are still leaders in your field, showing authority and knowledge in your area.

Call to Action

Every blog should be informative, educational and interesting but should also leave the reader wanting to find out more.  Tease them to contact you, sign up to a newsletter, download a brochure/eBook etc.  The more engagement you can encourage the deeper the relationship between you and your customer becomes.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When adding a blog to your website you should always approach it with strategic SEO, ensuring you posts are well optimised.

At We Need To Talk Marketing we are experts in social media and writing copy that counts.

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