Is your mission crystal clear?

Define your mission

One of the most important steps in your marketing and business strategy is to ensure your mission is crystal clear.

The strongest organisations I see are those where the mission is clear and is understood by all. 

What the pandemic had taught us is the need however, for constant re-approval and agility.

We need to frame and reframe what we think the mission should be on a regular basis as this changes.

Clearly defining your Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, and Measures will help your team understand what you’re trying to achieve, whilst motivating them to make independent decisions.

It will also help your organisation track whether or not it’s achieving its goals.



Your Purpose

This is why you choose to exist together, beyond financial gain. A good way to test whether your Purpose is meaningful is to “gut check” whether it holds true for individuals as well as the organisation as a whole. It usually starts with “We believe …”

Your Vision

This is the difference you’ll create in your customers’ lives or the larger world when you ultimately realise your Purpose. The Vision should excite people both inside and outside the company. 

Your Mission

This is an ambitious yet achievable position in the market or in your customers’ lives that recognises your Purpose. It should make clear which business you’re in.

Your Values

These are the principles and values that will accelerate your progress together.  Successful values are limited (so they’re easier to remember) and written in the company’s voice. Normally around being committed to providing …..

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