Are your social media strategies worth the investment?

Explaining why and how your social media strategies are worth the investment can be tricky.

Whether your objectives include brand awareness, engagement or conversions, We Need To Talk Marketing will help you to clearly measure your performance and present solid, tangible data that demonstrates how our work is benefitting your company. 

These insights will help you optimise your strategy by identifying which posts engage your audience and drive conversions to improve future performance and returns. In turn this will attribute credit to social media’s role in conversion more accurately so we can assess and prove the ROI of your social media marketing efforts. 

What do you want from your social media anyway?

What are your goals for your social media channels?  Is it a ‘look book’ for your brands?  An online brochure?  Are you looking to attract higher numbers of vanity followers? Do you actually want your social channels to directly attract and direct more revenue to the business? Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? 

Which social platforms do you use, should you use and why?

Depending on your business we can help you identify which platforms are right for you.  We will need to identify who your target audience is as this will impact which platforms you want to use.  Facebook and Youtube are good for paid ads as they have such high usership, Instagram and TikTok are generally used by millenials or gen z age groups although this has recently changed due to coverage and the potential to use for educational purposes rather than just recreational. If your target audience in women, Pinterest may be the way forward for your brand. Linked in is a very well used B2B and B2C platform with slightly more in-depth, educational and informational subject matter.  Although the temptation to join them all might be great, be prepared for how time consuming social media can be (which is why you should use a specialist like We Need To Talk) and really focus on the platforms your core audience are more liekly to engage with you on. 

Social Media Metrics

Everyone likes to be liked, don’t they. However, with social media it is important to focus on the social media metrics that really matter, rather than just vanity metrics. The most important things to measure are the engagement, clicks and reach. 

How good is a hashtag?

Your hashtag strategy can be one of the most important ways to pull in new followers and to build a real feel of authority and trust within your brand.  They allow you to stand out against the competitors, allow your content to be more discoverable and encourage your audience to get involved and build your brand with you.

What makes your social media really pop?

Social video is booming, especially with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. Both long-form and short-form social films continue to dominate the social space across all platforms due to their high engagement rate.  I work very closely with an established video first agency in Bath to provide excellent video content for all platforms.

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