Influencer marketing

who will promote your brand the way you would?

We find visionary influencers, the people who are willing to do what it takes, that share your vision, are driven, committed, but most importantly practice the message you put across to your audience.

Who is a great ambassador?

We work hard to find the influencers who will work best to grow your profile faster. We also support our ambassadors by providing additional exposure through our website, our social media platforms, and also our various marketing campaigns which run continuously year-round.  

Why do people offer to be influencers?

Depending on the product and the level of engagement that the influencers can provide we usually recommend that there is some kind of reward.  This can be determined based on each individual influencer marketing package based on quality/frequency, this can involve discounts on products through to financial reward.

What is expected of an influencer?

We would recommend an influencer package where ambassadors should post across their social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). These posts should remain permanently on your profile and do not include stories. Alongside this, one post a week on your Snapchat and Instagram stories are also expected. Interaction and engagement are key to growing and becoming more successful. We expect you to interact with the brand as much as possible by commenting and liking on all our posts, along with sharing stories.

We would expect posts and content to always be posted to positively represent the brand.

We would look for ambassadors to really want to live your brand.  We would or course ask influencers to always tagged your brand in their photos and mentioned in the caption.  There may be certain times that we would offer discount codes through the influencers.

I need influencers to promote my brand

If you would like us to work with your brand to build its profile through the use of influencers, please contact us.

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