I want everybody to like me

Do you want more likes on your social media? It’s not likes you want, it’s engagement! Where do you begin?

Identifying your audience is knowing who your audience is and what they want. It requires the creation of a persona that reflects your audience. That takes knowing the preferences, tastes, and inclinations of your audience.

Build your audience through your content marketing strategy. But you can’t build your audience until you know them.

Using analytic tools, you can analyse your audience, you can identify your website visitors to show demographics, locations, age, etc.  Using social media analytic tools, you can get in-depth analysis of your channel and your competitors, identifying which content has worked best for them.

In the online space, social media, newsletters and even in print media, any content is initially judged by its headline. It’s the first thing and sometimes the only thing that people see. So, you MUST use a great headline.  You need to make them stop in their tracks, make them curious and want to read more.

Ensure you are posting sharable content.  Write for your reader and give them the freedom to share it when and how they want. Write interesting valuable content that makes people want to share it with their network.

Just remember that a large number of likes and followers is great, although these can be manipulated. What you really want it valuable engagement. If you are spending time and money on your website and social media, you really are looking for that to convert.

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