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We Need To Talk Marketing is a marketing and communications consultancy offering marketing, communications, content marketing, copywriting, social media strategy and implementation, email marketing, advertising, design and branding, proof reading and editing, PR and Website Design.

Whether you are just starting out or are ready to grow your existing presence, We Need To Talk Marketing works with your team and your business, together providing a vision for your marketing visibility in the future.  Remotely, we are your marketing team.

So, how do you choose the marketing consultant or agency that is perfect for you? Ideally with the same level input you would with a permanent member of staff.  The consultant you need should have marketing skills, of course, but they need to have the right personality, culture and attitude for your brand.  Your marketing consultant will be your external voice, one of the most visible arms of your entire business.  You may want your marketing consultant to represent your business face to face with current and potential clients, represent you at events and interact with your current departments. 

We Need To Talk Marketing are available for on-going consultancy or one-off projects, contact us to see what we can do to best service your business. 

Joanna Palmer

We Need To Talk Marketing is the business idea of Joanna Palmer, who all her life has been fascinated with social sciences.  Completing a Criminology degree, Joanna went straight from University to work for Avon & Somerset Constabulary, and quickly realised a career in the police was not for her.  After employment in a couple of charities as campaign managers she moved to London for a new career in Executive Search for Central & Eastern Europe and her love for all things European was born.

Joanna moved to the South of France in 2003 and supported an entrepreneurial start up business specialising in superyacht advertising and publishing.  Joanna’s love of advertising, publishing, promotion and marketing began.  Joanna’s social science skills came fully into fruition.  Marketing requires the same skills; listening, evaluating and making informed recommended changes.

We Need to Talk started in 2017 and has worked non-stop with multiple businesses helping them to raise their profiles, position their branding and be a success.

With experience of working with brands big and small, Joanna’s real passion is with start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Joanna enjoys speed and variety of ever-changing days and ever evolving businesses and is an integral clog in your business.  View the portfolio page to see a few examples of client work.

Joanna is a very experienced and organised business development specialist with excellent relationship building skills.  Joanna’s focus is on delivering business changing results to clients in a transparent and clear way.

For more information please view Joanna’s personal LinkedIn profile to see her online CV and look over her recommendations.  Also read the testimonial page on this website.

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